Intrinsa (testosterone patches)

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Intrinsa (testosterone patches)

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Intrinsa (testosterone) Patches (300mcg/24h)

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Intrinsa is a transdermal patch which continually discharges little measures of testosterone that is retained through your skin into the circulatory system. The testosterone in Intrinsa is the same hormone as that delivered characteristically in men and ladies. After evacuation of ovaries, testosterone drops to a large portion of the levels contrasted with before the operation. Diminish in testosterone has been connected with low sexual yearning, decreased sexual contemplations and diminished sexual arousal. All or any of these issues can result in individual trouble or relationship challenges. This medicinal term for this condition is Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder, otherwise called HSDD.

Intrinsa is utilized to treat HSDD. Intrinsa is planned for utilization by ladies up to the age of 60years who have a low sexual longing which is bringing on trouble or concern, have had both of their ovaries uprooted, have had their womb evacuated and are accepting estrogen treatment.

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