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Frisium (Friz-ee-um) is a drug which is utilized as a part of all manifestations of epilepsy and treatment of nervousness. Frisium contains clobazam. It is made by sanofi-aventis.

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Clobazam fits in with a gathering of solutions called benzodiazepines.

The mind and nerves are made up of numerous nerve cells that correspond with one another through electrical signs. These signs must be precisely directed for the cerebrum and nerves to capacity legitimately.

At the point when strangely quick and monotonous electrical signs are discharged in the cerebrum, it gets to be over-animated and ordinary capacity is exasperates. This results in fits or seizures. Tension may likewise be identified with the unseemly incitement of nerves in the mind.

GABA is a concoction that, when discharged in the mind, demonstrations as a characteristic cooling operator and keep the nerve movement in parity. When the cerebrum assimilates the GABA (uptake), this concoction can no more follow up on the nerves. Excessively little GABA, the cerebrum may get to be overexcited.

Clobazam follows up on receptors in the mind (GABA receptors) to build the arrival of GABA. This builds the smoothing impacts of nerve cells by GABA. By quieting nerve cells, clobazam forestalls too much fast and dull terminating of electrical signs. Accordingly electrical nerve movement in the mind is balanced out, prompting counteractive action and treatment of fits and support of ordinary cerebrum capacity.

As clobazam forestalls fitting, it might be utilized (within conjunction with an alternate against epileptic pharmaceutical) for the treatment of epilepsy.

Clobazam might likewise be utilized to soothe tension in genuine or handicapping uneasiness related conditions. It is not proposed for the long haul treatment of nervousness because of the advancement of reliance (prescribed greatest of 4 weeks).

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